Prem Hero?

With the aftermath of EU getting destroyed by NA at I Series in the summer, ETF2L has decided to allow specific unlocks.  One of which is the gunboats which allows soldiers to rocket jump everywhere with reduced self damage.  This change made me (and probably other players) want to switch to soldier.  Now I ain’t very good at soldier, not even counting with gunboats, so I decided to learn how to use the recently allowed item correctly so I could become a decent roamer.  So while browsing innocently, I noticed a thread titled “Any experiences or tips about GUNBOATS?”.  I thought that was very convenient! I clicked on it. The first thing I saw was a youtube link so I opened it.

It was this video:

Maybe I would see how an INVITE, basically PREM (or w/e it is called) soldier plays and learn by his example.  It’s a player from the USA who has been using gunboats for a long time.    I could only watch the first ten minutes because it was pretty awful.  Bearing in mind this is a VanillaTV insight video which is for scrubs to learn from.

00:40: Harbleu jumps in hits a few splash rockets and dies.
01:20: “Don’t die harb” he ignores, goes in and dies.
02:40: Misses quite a few rockets lol. dies.
03:20: Basically misses everything at mid fight
06:10 With his fellow soldier, can’t kill a scout who walks round a corner. Scout kills a soldier before he dies.
06:30 Bombs med hits one rocket. Dies.
08:00 Tries to hide on mid while a soldier is watching, maybe hits two rockets in the whole of the mid fight, dies.
08:40 Probably the best (well, worst) clip.  I don’t even know wtf is going on there, seems to just walk into the enemy demoman stickies. “DOMINATED”
09:15 Probably the only useful thing he does so far, killing the med and scout.

Hmmmmm what the fuck was that?  It was awful.  Hey, it might get better after the first 10 minutes, but if that’s one of the best roamers in NA (therefore, probably the world) then that’s hilarious. Yet the video had lots of likes and views and seemed well received? I am confused.  Am I wrong?  Does PREM automatically mean you are good?  Nah, Darn disproves this already.


10 thoughts on “Prem Hero?

  1. Could not agree more. Too many people in prem think that they’re gods of the game. They’re not, and it’s about time the community called them out and destroyed their assholes.

    Darn watch this space.

  2. Um, you do understand that Screwball is, in fact, a Div. 1 Medic, and earned that title by…idk…winning? While, no, I’m not anybody to brag about my own skill since I’m only low Open in ESEA, I can say that you don’t know anything about Screwball. I’m not here to defend American players as a whole or what happened at i46, but I think you should at least make a post that’s not completely full of it and based on being salty.

  3. @Grawgs Do you even know Screwball or are you just posting some random story? The guy might be capable of div 2 on a good day, but what’s more, all he does is rage and blame others for his own shortcomings. Getting good at anything requires a certain attitude, and his isn’t it.

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