A few points…

Good evening.

PREM Playoffs.

We have seen a somewhat uninteresting set of PREM teams [consisting mainly of recycled PREM players], but there is one that catches my eye: The Potentials. This is a new lineup of players that are in the playoffs for a spot in the PREMier division. Many may think it’s a bizzare combination of players and I would not argue. The most worrying thing is that team’s who have played together for a long time, and worked to get to a respectable position in division 1, aren’t in the playoffs. Were these teams Lutuset and uV even offered a chance in the playoffs? More to the point, some of the players in The Potentials have been highly unstable in previous teams, Gubbins even folding two PREMier teams in past seasons. I feel that it’s byte’s position and power within ETF2L and the community that has achieved their position rather than results. Perhaps ETF2L should have stricter policies for teams that consistantly fold and reform, so that established teams can climb the ranks (Punchline, Doctrinal).

Recruitment Posts.

I won’t go into too much detail about this. But since when was being humble a bad thing? Accept your own standards and play with a similarly skilled team and enjoy yourself. Losing 3 games in div 2, folding, then sticking up div 1 recruitment posts just shows that you are arrogant and probably awful at the game. You know who you are:


I question mark’d the American, as that’s even funnier. It’s typical American arrogance, just because you are from America, does not mean that you are good!

Ipz and ETF2L Drama.

Ipz was banned from his job as PR manager in ETF2L for telling someone to “go die” and after getting banned he released rumours about Nike wanting to sponsor TF2. He gave the impression that since he was banned, the sponsorship would not go through without him.
My thoughts on this:
Nike won’t sponsor TF2 because the ETF2L community are more likely to buy fleshlights than sports equipment, so he’s talking shit.
Ipz told someone on the forum that they should die so was banned. He should maybe GROW UP.


29 thoughts on “A few points…

  1. I said this will happen with playoffs way before teams were selected… Same thing has happened for seasons now and it doesn’t seem anyone from admin team cares to fix it

  2. Actually i adverted div 1 after playing with div1 players and doing well in div1 games playing with div1 teams and div1 mixs. ^_^

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