Well done ETF2L

The European Team Fortress 2 League was once again about to make a brash decision. It was leaked that the two teams in the playoffs would be Avenue and The Potentials. After this leak (from more than one source), the admins typically tried to cover themselves and claimed they had no idea what I was talking about on my previous blog which exposed them.

admin lies

One day before the provisionals, Emb lies that he has no idea of any playoffs. On the same day, his fellow admin Sonny Black says that there will probably be playoffs and extends another lie, saying they had not selected the teams yet. If you are going to lie, don’t make it so blatant by contradicting each other! At least collaborate with your fellow admins. Did you expect the community to believe you hadn’t made any plans one day before the provisionals?

Despite all this, I noticed the ETF2L thread for my blog gathering quite a few views and supportive comments (thank you for this), and the admins could no longer ignore this.


This cheeky little thread then appeared afterwards (keep in mind, only ONE day before provisionals!), posted by a trial admin, which the head admins seemed to be keeping an eye on. As a result, two teams, pyrogen and logs.tf, were added to the provisional playoffs along with the ALREADY decided Avenue and Potentials. I still find The Potentials and Avenue a strange decision: Avenue do not have scouts or a demo at the moment and these logs show some very disturbing statistics for The Potentials.
ouch decimated [nice damage output cookye, gape]

The Potentials are also somewhat lacking with their roster since Ally the medic was kicked today and they still don’t have a confirmed 2nd soldier (Although this is not as bad as Avenue, this is still only two thirds of a roster). Will Byte find two players in time before the playoffs? Myself and HYS were asked if we were interested in playing, so Byte seems to be considering a change to medic. I decided to join r7an’s div 2 team; what will HYS do? It’s slightly strange that a new team has been given a PREM playoff without a full lineup. Pyrogen on the other hand seem to be doing quite well together:


It is also strange that Elemental Violence, after a commendable season in div 1 were not approached. They have also been playing well recently and are a very stable team. There are blatantly other teams too, which would have been more appropriate, i.e. teams who play well and have full stable line ups.

From the looks of it, the admins made a slightly rational decision and picked at least a couple of teams which deserve a chance. Even though they will NEVER admit that they lied and leaked or that my blog influenced their decisions, I thought I would be gracious and say well done ETF2L!

It has now become apparent to me, that ETF2L needs a symbol, a hero for the people if you will, to speak out for the community against the suppressive and secretive nature of the admin team. I am willing to take this burden upon myself.



9 thoughts on “Well done ETF2L

  1. It’s about time something has been said about this. The stranglehold the etf2l admins have over what goes on at the moment is no good thing. With responsible, honest admins, maybe, but currently? No.

    The team decisions have been more than questionable, as pointed out, and they are firmly in the mindset that they can get away with any decisions they want, and because they have some sort of pseudo internet-authority no one is going to question it. We need to stop this.

    Today was a good step made in the right direction but the community needs to get behind this inituitive set out by poop and make sure more people like Byte can’t suck their way off into prem.

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