Chin Up HYS, PREM Another Day

Had I not changed the ETF2L admin team’s decision, it would have only been Avenue and The Potentials in the playoffs. Thankfully Pyrogen and (maybe not thankfully) tf.logs were added as well to avoid any further controversy. As expected, Avenue and The Potentials weren’t the best choices for the playoffs as the admins thought: Pyrogen were the winners.

Now we see a spectacular and thrilling game coming up tonight. The Potentials against Now both teams are in an unfortunate situation, where from playing for a chance in PREM, they are now playing to stay out of division 2. Someone in (probably Hildreth) thought it would be appropriate to apply for PREM even though it was blindingly obvious they would lose. Why did they do this if they had a firm position in division 1? Half of their team didn’t want to be signed up for the playoffs because they realised that they would be more likely to lose both games and thus be placed back in division 2. Well done Hildreth.

And now onto The Potentials newest member, HYS. Many of you will know that HYS formed The Last Resort. They managed to do exceedingly well, and achieved a mid table finish in season 13 with one of the worst lineups that PREM has ever seen:


This caused an inflation in his ego, which was already at quite an abnormal size. He was trialing with an established PREM team, Doctrinal who are one of the few teams that remain humble in that division. HYS seemed to be pleased, getting some good results against PREM teams (results is all that matters after all). However, because of the inflated ego as mentioned previously, he felt the need to criticise almost every player on the team and explain why they were less skillful than himself. It seemed all well and Doctrinal were ready to accept him (mainly due to lack of choice, HYS being the only one available at that moment). However…..Pirate Radio publicly announced how HYS tried to poach Greg and Beavern from other teams to reform TLR. Greg said he would like to move away from that topic as to not ruin his potential teammate’s reputation. Kaidus said: “Ruining? More like reinforcing the rep he already has”. This was a fair statement and nothing more was thought of it. However, deep down inside HYS, anger was brewing. He could not handle this light hearted joke (due to the inflated ego) so decided to join Byte’s team because they would get better results. I don’t know where he got this idea from, the results from Doctrinal were already good. So let’s summarise:

HYS was offered a chance in PREM with a good stable team.
He refused because he couldn’t take a joke and was chasing unrealistic results.
He joined The Potentials and lost the playoffs.
He is now playing to stay out of division 2.

Well done HYS, your idiocy knows no boundaries. No doubt you can just leave The Potentials and reform TLR: I hear BFF have some changes incoming.


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