Looks like I was right again. Not only were Pyrogen the best (not Avenue or The Potentials as the Admins thought), but The Potentials have proven to be highly unstable and have just folded, just as I had warned the admins before. Maybe they should listen to the community more as that’s 3 seasons in a row they’ve put an unstable team in prem.



14 thoughts on “Admins???

    • 495 euros split 6 ways for winning prem… is that the sole reason tcm played??
      and realistically do you think you wouldve beaten epsilon, broder etc?

  1. byte didn’t want to play medic in division 1, which no1 can’t blame him for honestly

    don’t see why the rest of the lineup didn’t pick ally up as medic and continued in d1 though?

    • you can definitely blame byte for putting together a div1 team, switching to medic for that div1 team, losing the prem qualifier, barely winning the div1 qualifier, and then going “i’m better than div1, fuck this” and killing a team after wasting the time of several other teams, players, and admins

    • Course you can blame him, the whole premise for this team was to teach ‘noobs’ how to play and be ‘accepted’ at the top level of competition – he then proceeded to whine like fuck through the entirety of the teams life span.
      Since season 8 finished the difference between div1 and prem is minimal at best, bar the inclusion of a couple of teams who will take a shit on you and send you home within 10 minutes
      Let’s not beat around the bush though, ego is everything when it comes to this matter.

  2. Yet more logic and truth from poop, and more bullshit and laughable reasoning from all the rest involved. May the circle continue.

  3. Well, Gubbins topscoring and almost topfragging in every map in their games tells how good the team is already.

    Byte is probably worse than Allyy as medic too:–)



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