PREM Changes, roster shuffles

I said before that Best Friends Forever had some changes incoming. Darn has been kicked from BFF because of the skill gap in the team, and at last replaced by a much superior soldier by the name of Daleth. Evilmoon has also been replaced by Hat. Now we have yet another decent team to rival Broder and Epsilon. However, what is happening with Doctrinal and MyDGB?

Doctrinal have lost Stark due to boredom of playing scout and therefore lost Greg as well. The ties between HYS and Doctrinal have been severed because of his ego issues so I highly doubt he will be the new demo. Instead, it looks like Byte might make the step up. With Spin on the med, THE POTENTIAL (lol) soldiers could be Darn and Synppis/Captain Hax. On scouts, I have heard rumours of a deadly scout combo: Gubbins and even possibly DROSOPHILE.

MyDGB may kick t0da because of his poor performance and Si because of the lag. There is also an issue with the scouts, my guess is that one of them may have to go. They did lose to a division 3 team that had mercs so I can see why they want to shuffle the roster.
I think Evilmoon will be the new medic and PREM DEMO HYS might join because of his need for PREM.


9 thoughts on “PREM Changes, roster shuffles

  1. “Most people have no idea how much pressure it really is to play as medic in higher divisions and for me the adrenaline rush, when it starts, is indescribable, the sensation is overwhelming and its when i feel alive the most.”


  2. I’m still on awe as to all comments about this season and how good it will bebecause at this rate I will surprised if it starts and really we just have 2 super teams and then 2 teams that may be able to contest those teams and then pyrogen and just a bunch of players who will eventually shape finlised teams. That’s just my take in this sleepy stupor.

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