HYS Strikes Again

Good evening.

After the recent drama with HYS you think he would have learned his lesson. However, this is not the case. Once again he has been slivering about with his snake tongue, trying to manipulate and control people.

dirty snake

As we know from my previous blog post, MyDGB have been in trouble. They are currently trying to repair their roster, lacking 3 players in total. HYS was involved as a potential demo and said that if Cyber and Evilmoon could also join then that would sort out all the problems. Of course it wasn’t this simple, he had to complicate it and spread his stench all over. While he was doing this, he was also trying to wiggle his way back into Doctrinal. Even worse (and I don’t even understand why he thought this was a good idea), he tried to poach Kiler4fun from MyDGB to form his own team. Obviously, Kiler4fun refused and when the others found out, HYS was rejected. Now HYS seems to have only one way left to enter PREM: Doctrinal. What will happen? Will Doctrinal accept him because they are desperately in need for a demo? Or will they refuse because of his past offences?



13 thoughts on “HYS Strikes Again

  1. After i’ve read all this stuff and noticed the facts, i realise that TF2’s competive future is uncertain, and by that I mean is going down. Too less people are attracted to tf2 competitive play(65% daily pubbers, 34% addicted traders and 1% represents the bunch of tf2 competitive players). With roster changes like those, made day by day, no team will be able to resist, leading to the fact that is much easier to say ‘fuck it it doesn’t worth the effort, i’ll just give up and that’s it’.

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