Hello fellow TF2 players.

I have been rather inactive recently because I have found most things unworthy to talk about at the moment. However I noticed that the fans wanted, and so I will provide. I will skim over a few things and provide my insight.

So this is the most shuffled roster in PREM, containing only two original players ilike2spin and snyyppis. They were in need of a demo and thankfully HYS and BYTE was not picked. I thought the decision was wise to pick up erectus on demo. However, as many of you will know from reading my first blog, Harbleu is quite awful – yet he was picked up. Strange move? I think so. Yet another bizarre decision was to have retsh0ck on scout and even SEPTIQUE! Well, we can see how well it is going. BLBALBALBLALBA

PYROGEN Disappointment.
After spreading my influence and helping the underdogs overcome an unruly situation by achieving a playoff, they have disappointed me and many by dropping. They had an unfortunate start by getting smashed by Broder, which was expected. However, they were decimated by some of the weakest teams including Quarantine (this roster laughably includes Lime and Fuo). It is understandable to lose the first few games after jumping from div 2 to PREM, they should have just stuck it out together. If anything, they at least lasted longer than the potentials would have.

Well, I thought I would break away from PREM (I know how you all love PREM because it is full of amazing talented people) to talk about a team in my division. It was an awful jewish team and they are obviously going to fold after not even turning up for their official. One of their players cheekily created this thread:


We are all disappointed by broder’s failure to topple Epsilon. Maybe broder would be better if Darn was on soldier? LOL


9 thoughts on “PREM and DIV 2A

    • Paroxysm – Demsii too busy playing HL and buying games for females to play 6v6 I guess.

      IDM – Unfortunately just not good enough for div 2 and struggled with the step up from div3, although there might be another reason that I don’t know about.

      Sosi – After abra going on about how they were PREM and how div2 players were ‘SCRUBS’ they draw 3-3 with dis (including getting 5-0d in 20 minutes on gully, lol) then fold. Good job abra

      Vier Black – They bitched about not being placed in division 1, sideshow even said they were gonna roll division 2? Then biester left cos I guess he got bored of carrying shitters and decided to spend time with a girl. Then they decided to fold cos no carry player = awful.

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