Season 16, great.

It’s been a while.


I have been quietly ignoring the TF2 scene because of its stench and all the stale teams that persist. It is the end of yet another season and has anything changed?


It’s been your typical unexciting season. Let’s have a look:



Epsilon still waltzed through untouched even though they rarely practice, showing the extremely high standards that our professional e-sport maintains. All we see is one “average” leveled team destroying a low standard mix of shitters.

I say “decent” because if you were to compare epsilon to any real e-sport team then they would not be considered good. And these low standard shitters or “PREM” players are on par with div 1 and even div 2 players (screenshots can confirm this). Let’s see who will fold and reform with the same recycled players [hint HYS, Byte].


Let’s look at some players that the whole scene can laugh at:







These are players who have very poor aim and no brain, yet they still remain in PREM and will constantly be recycled. You could probably pick div 5 players at random and find more talent there.


The best thing for the scene would be for Epsilon to fold. True, the standard of TF2 would drop, but at least there would be a hint of excitement at seeing which shitter manages to climb to the top.

What will you do? Will you continue to feign interest in Admirable’s generic and completely inoffensive pre-season line-ups?

 I can already predict it:

“This is –insert team name here-. It looks like quite a strong line-up with some good players! –insert player name- has very good dm, and the scout combo work very well together. They DEFINITELY won’t fold then reform eh!”


4 thoughts on “Season 16, great.

  1. poop 4 president, i gotta say you forgot byte in that list, and i think epsilon are the only good team but they’re the strongest too, as i49 showed

  2. What if epsilon pays the other teams to lose? I feel that ETF2L staff and Prem are as corrupt as the American government!

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